Dreck: ein apparat

Recently worked together with a bunch of inspiring artists amongst the dirt and deliciousness of heizhaus/ufer studios. All warmly invited by the delightful Stefanie Wenner to reflect and research during a residency on specific connections or affinities to dirt - as matter, as metaphor, as artisitc process.

More closely, I was collaborating with visual artist , Michael, Günzburger on dirty traces as a way to mark and map intimate encounters between bodies. Through a printing like process and gathering of the domestic-like dirt (dust, ash, fat, blood, paper) something both medititive and ritualsitic emerged. There were some singular objects from our platform/surface remaining after the interaction that guests of the final 'show' took home. Nice!

Really happy with the experience and what we found in this short time. The project will have other iterations in various cities in the next months.

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Uni * Form coming soon

Just one month to go before our premiere of Uni * Form in Theater Spektakel Zurich. The project is a collaboration with Jorge León and a whole bunch of amazing artists - seven of us on stage. Looking so much forward to feel how the work responds to an audience that will be seated on all four sides.

Here is a fragment of text that attmepts to describe what we are up to.

As a group that is granted and exercises discretionary power over society at large, the police corps is simultaneously part of the fabric of society and on the periphery of it, an imposed net that suffocates dissent or expressions of otherness from the normative social frame. In Uni * Form the disguised performers intra-act in a distinct environment that disturbs the established boundaries and unpredictable abuse of distance and touch associated with police control to open up a mutable landscape in which domination and submission are interrelated forces that resist conforming to a simple binary and like power are practiced rather than possessed.

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