Everything fits in the room - March 2016

Here are some poor quality video stills to give a vague idea of what the gorgeous Jen Rosenblit, Tami T and myself have been busy with in March at Uferstudios. The project, «Everything fits in the room» is a commission from HAU Berlin and we have really only begun researching from the starting point of Alexandra Kollentai's text (early feminist during the period of the Russian Revolution) alongside the likes of Berlant and Ahmed. Still, a wonderful wave of action and embodiment with wall and attachments - making it fit and interrogating the phenomenon of manfesting on the go. Such a pleasure to work on this project.

If anyone is in Geneva on the 13th or 14th of May we will work and perform over two days and invite public in to watch or help!


September days in Paris

Just got back from Paris where I had the pleasure of performing 'Dirty Vestiges' in ideal conditions with the wonderful Michael Günzburger at Centre Cuturel Suisse. Some great audience with us even if two fainted on the second show. Apparantly we got a great review (opposite). Unfortunately, my French ain't that hot to tell. 

October in New York

Various events happening in New York while Jen and I are in residence there this month. This is one if them - please join us on October 21st!

Talk and Practice by Triple Canopy
264 Canal Street 3W, NYC
7- 8.30pm

For A Necessary Ecology, Jen Rosenblit and Simone Aughterlony will present an excerpt of their forthcoming performance, Everything Fits In The Room, followed by a conversation with Triple Canopy contributing editor Lizzie Feidelson. Rosenblit and Aughterlony invite us into a room of decaying things: bones, pine needles, grated nutmeg, the rind of a grapefruit. A collection of everyday artifacts; chairs, ladders, clamps, and rope form the basis of a series of precarious physical entanglements. We might think of the collection of things in the room as a societal network that encompasses fixed and shifting relationships. But what is at risk in such an organization? Who doesn’t fit into the family? How do you take a bath when the tub has decomposed? Who does the washing? Should we be gentle as the beat goes on?

A Necessary Ecology is part of Triple Canopy’s forthcoming Vanitas issue, which explores contemporary meditations on mortality as well as the delights, delusions, and pressures of fleshly existence. Everything Fits In The Room is part of Utopian Realities, a co-production of HAU Hebbel am Ufer and Haus der Kulturen der Welt for the festival 100 Years of Now, curated by HAU Hebbel am Ufer. The performance is funded in part by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and finds premiere in January 2017.


Leaving for Ljubljana in two days where we will be performing the «Biofiction Trilogy» in it's entirety with «Biofiction» as the third part with Hahn Rowe, Jen Rosenblit and myself. The program looks amazing and I'm feeling really honoured to be amongst such great company. Will also give a little talk and practice around ideas from «Everything Fits In The Room» research.

Really looking forward!